Don’t let lockdown put your job searching on hold

The coronavirus pandemic should not be a deterrent for job hunters. Here’s why.

As COVID-19 takes a stranglehold, everything that we take for granted in our everyday lives has been turned upside down, from the way we live, socialise, travel and, of course, work.

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The UK government had implemented some lightning measures in an exceptionally short period of time to counter the spread of the coronavirus and although this has given thousands of companies breathing space, it is only a short term solution.

Pretty soon, all companies, institutions and organisations will need to be left unshielded to face the very new realities of the world economy post-pandemic.

That’s why it is so important not to play the waiting game during lockdown even if vacancies may appear few and far between.

There are jobs actually out there and now may even be a good time for a career change if you’re out of work or unsure about your current job situation. Click here to read about the jobs predicted to grow in big demand once lockdown is a thing of the past

With the world moving almost totally online since the virus outbreak, it would make sense to keep an even bigger eye for social media listings and job posts.

Networking is also crucial. It’s quite likely that some acquaintances in other jobs may have more time on their hands so they could now be more willing to have a chat.

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Now is also a great time for an internship and the chance to lay down some solid foundations once the lockdown is over. At this moment in time, internships are really a win-win situation for all especially given the current financial climate.

If you’re good at what you do, then there’s every chance the job is in the bag once things start picking up again.

Here’s some other useful tips:

Manage your expectations. Remember the world’s changing now and so many employers will be more tentative when it comes to recruiting. Be ready for a lengthy response to any job applications and for a lot of remote working.

Stay organised. Your job applications will likely be more than ever before so remember to keep tabs on roles that you’ve applied for. A spreadsheet would be a great way to go.

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Beef up your digital online presence. With online and social media king - especially now - having a strong online presence is a fundamental component when it comes to looking for a new job or career. Check out these useful pointers.

Mastering video calls. The last thing you want to do is mess up a video call interview and find yourself unable to unmute or get your camera working. So test all software beforehand and even set up the room to mirror what kind of a person you are.

Avoid messy rooms or rooms just with a white wall. Keep things neat, add some light in the background, maybe a window or even a guitar if you’re musical. 

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