Finishing school? Get on the right career path!

How many times have you been asked about what you want to do when you’re older or finish school? 

Sometimes it can be hard to know how to answer, especially when everyone is asking - from your teacher to your mum or dad!

The answer is never that simple is it? 

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Here are some key things you can do or questions you can ask yourself to help choose the career path that’s right for you:

List all your dream jobs
Many students will probably list multiple occupations they wish to pursue when they finish school. But this should be neither strange or wrong and young people should never be discouraged from having multiple options. Big lists will actually give them a variety of choices and perspectives. If you’re finishing school or your school days are drawing to a close, then make a list of all the occupations you’ve always wanted to do - starting from when you were very young to your latest fancy. 

Research those dream jobs
Now we come to what many young people may initially think is the boring bit - research. But that doesn’t necessarily have to be the case. Why not look up some fun articles online related to jobs you’re interested in. This could be the first step of eliminations. Maybe even talk to people - or try to contact people - in the profession you are seeking to get some extra insight. 

The need to assess yourself
Most of us at some time or another have looked deeply into the mirror to try and figure something out. When seeking a career, there should be a need for self-assessment. What do you want to be? Does your choice require a specific education that maybe out of your reach? Do you have those necessary skills? Do you like working with others in a team? Can you career financially sustain you? These all need answering. Then, create a shortlist of your dream jobs. Using the power of elimination and all of the above, it’s time to narrow down those options. 

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Making that final choice
You should now be in a position to finally answer the big question; ‘how to choose a career path?’. That answer will be your final choice. Make sure you choose the occupation that will bring you the most satisfaction as well as suit your skills and goals for the future.

Make that career plan towards your big goal
Depending on the occupation you have in your sights, there are different sets of skills, talents and qualifications that may be required. By now, you will already know what the requirements for your chosen career path are. It’s time to get planning. Do you need to enroll in college or university? Check out the best ones for you. Will you start pursuing it right away or maybe work first? If you don’t start right away, don’t leave the chase too late. 
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