Five great tips for those working from home

Are you forced to work from home because of the coronavirus outbreak? Here’s some great pointers to make life easier for you.

Thousands of people across the UK have already been forced to set-up shop at home and for many, this is a whole new experience for them. 

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For those doing it for the first time, the idea of working from the comforts of your own home may have seemed like a dream. But for those who do it often, that may not necessarily be the case. 

Some of the big negatives of working from home include difficulty or a lack of clear communication, low reliability or retention, loss of productivity and issues with other things such as payments and logistics. 
However, there are some surprisingly easy ways to gain the upper hand. 

Whether you’re self-isolating at the moment or you simply work from home anyway, here’s FIVE really useful tips to ensure you turn working from home into something genuinely productive.

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1) Make sure you’re dressed. Never start work in your pyjamas because it will most likely make you too lethargic and relaxed. Also, it may not reflect too well on you if you suddenly have to go on a video call and you’re in your favourite Peppa Pig slacks.

2) It’s not just about being busy at work. Make sure you remember to take a break and even something as simple as making a cup of tea or watering the plants is very important for your well-being. Remember to stay away from the fridge though and the TV. Just try and stick to your normal work routine. 

3) Bring your work office to your home office: Try and replicate your office and office habits at home. This is a great way to put you in your office mindset. 

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4) Make sure you’ve got a work schedule. You may not be in the office but that doesn’t mean that your work time doesn’t need proper structure. The right work routine is what proper productivity is all about. 

5) Keep the noise levels down. Having headphones that can shut out external noise is a great way to go especially when you need to be on a conference call and the kids are playing up again. 

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