How to use online marketing to find top talent

Summer often is a long and unavoidable dry spell for recruiters.

It can be a frustrating problem for businesses who need to hire now rather than later.

Redsprout marketing manager Mark Looker spoke to industry experts from Kent to get their advice on how businesses can go the extra mile to secure hard-to-find talent.

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Use Social Media to show your values

The obvious first step is to advertise it in some form or another, either directly or through a recruiter.

However, our experts say businesses need to get themselves primed on social media long before this point.

Lloyd Knowlton, co-founder of Margate-based KPS Digital Marketing, said: “If you’re active on social media, you are communicating the values of your business and what you do in your business.

"You’ll already have a captive audience of appropriate people that might want to work with you.”

Show your company values

Another step that must be taken early, according to the experts, is to make sure the company values you are promoting are both clear and accurate.

This means anyone who might apply for the position can see plainly whether they will gel with your firm's culture or not, long before they start.

“You want to be recruiting people that don’t just want to work for you, you want to make sure they enjoy it once they get there,” said Daniel Knowlton, also of KPS.

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Incorporate recruitment into your brand

This idea of focusing on recruitment early on is echoed by Luke Quilter, chief executive of Folkestone-based Sleeping Giant Media.

He said: “We try to be quite proactive to encourage the talent to come to us, rather than us have to chase it all the time.”

He added his search and social media agency has had success finding talent locally thanks to speaking regularly at networking events and offering digital training.

Use video to promote your business

Another recurring suggestion on how businesses can promote themselves during the recruitment process is video.

Rather than relying on editable media such as blogs, Lloyd Knowlton swears by the power of video and the choice to allow your audience to see and hear everything.

“It can be real and raw, and people can really get to know you and get that
fit right,” he said.

Make use of live video

Daniel Knowlton suggests the use of video can be taken even further during the recruitment process by going live, making use of social media platforms such as Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook.

He said: “People can see it’s not edited and that they are seeing the real team behind the camera."

Focus on what perks you can offer

Perhaps the most common piece of advice to come from our experts was that businesses need to focus on what they can offer to really succeed when recruiting.

“Fringe benefits don’t necessarily make people stay, but they are a nice addition,” said Luke Quilter, who has kitted out his firm's offices with free food, an open bar, unlimited holiday and use of their famous ball pit.

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