How to land that ideal job

Do your research
Finding out about the company or organisation before the interview and learning as much as possible about its products, services, customers and competition is important. It will help you understand the company’s needs - and the more you know about the company, the more chance you have at selling yourself in the interview. 

Be on time 
Being on time demonstrates that you are diligent and dependable - it indicates that you honour your commitments and you can be trusted. 


Dress for success
It’s important you dress appropriately to the position you are applying for - you will have already made an impression based on how you are dressed. Every company has a different dress code and you should first take into consideration the culture of the company and dress accordingly. 

Be prepared
Anticipate potential questions and prepare answers. One of the most common questions asked is about your strengths and weaknesses?
Make sure you know your strengths and mention ones that are relevant to the job you’re being interviewed for - it’s important you quote examples of when you used the skills, it’s not enough to say you just have the skills. 

Ask questions 
It’s always a good thing to ask questions to your interviewer. It gives you an invaluable opportunity to find out more about the role and the company you are applying for. Here’s a few examples to give you an idea of what to ask: 

Where do you see the company in five years time?

Can people develop quickly here?

What challenges could I face in the first few months? 

Follow up
Following up after an interview shows your interest level in the position. You are demonstrating by following up, personal and professional qualities, dedication, tenacity, attention to detail and the ability to follow through.  

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