Coronavirus: The jobs currently in demand

Has COVID-19 left you out of work or are you seeking a more ‘pandemic-proof’ career?

Well, you’re not alone.


Many people - including employers - have used lockdown and the coronavirus backlash to re-evaluate their employment situation and this in turn has created a demand for more or new jobs in various industries. 

And a lot of people in turn are now looking for employment in totally new industries after deciding on career changes.  

Here’s some jobs in various sectors to consider and which do not necessarily require prior experience: 

Health - The rate of illnesses as a direct result of the pandemic coupled with social distancing has increased the need for workers fullfold. And it’s not just in hospitals where staff is needed. There is also a demand at care homes and for care providers who can go to people’s homes. 
Different Positions: Cleaners, nurses, telephone support operators, support workers, managers and administrators.

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Distance Learning - A lot of people have used lockdown to learn new skills, hobbies and even professions and with courses available online, the surge for online educators and instructors has been well and truly apparent. Whatever your background of previous industry, you could have something to teach.
Different Positions: Adult learning teachers, language teachers and tutors for pupils needing extra lessons or working from home.

Supermarkets - Lockdown saw an unprecedented demand in food and hygiene products. But moving forward, the whole experience has altered the way people shop and those stores and shops now appear to be busier than ever.
Different Positions: Accountants, administrators, packers, cashiers, floor (assistant) managers, warehouse workers and logistics staff.

Deliveries - The workload at major online retailers like Amazon and eBay have gone into overdrive since the start of the pandemic and there has never been more of a demand for staff. 
Different Positions: Logistics staff, delivery drivers and riders, dispatchers, security staff, maintenance staff and warehouse managers and workers.

Cleaning/Hygiene - Hygiene has now become a bigger priority than ever because of COVID-19 and that is especially true in places like care homes and hospitals where there are vulnerable people. That means more and thorough cleaning. 
Different Positions: Cleaners and emergency cleaners.

tech support

Tech company workers - With so many people working from home, content, e-meeting communications and streaming have never been so prevalent and important. That means more and more companies in the technology sector are seeking people that can work remotely.  
Different Positions: Content writer, secretaries, administrators, social media writer, data processing staff, copywriter, accountant, telesales staff and phone support staff.

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