Life after lockdown: Remember the positives

As restrictions continue to lift and the slow return to normality carries on, here are ways to continue the positive habits from lockdown. 

For many people during lockdown - particularly those on furlough or those with more time on their hands - it was a chance to discover new hobbies and positive lifestyle changes such as cooking, exercising, walking, spending more time with family or partners and gardening. 

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And while returning to normality is a positive thing, a re-entry into work anxiety or overscheduling certainly is not. There is also some people’s fear of Covid and of being in close proximity to others.

That is why many health experts say it is vital for both their physical and mental health that people returning to work manage their time more efficiently and effectively. 

You can start by incorporating some of the things you missed during lockdown back into your normal life or work routines. Active choices for things that had a positive impact in your life during the pandemic are the key to a healthy and positive outlook both at work and at home.

If walking was your thing, ensure you go out for a brisk walk or stroll during perhaps your lunch break or after work. 

The same goes for cooking or gardening. Ensure that you stay committed to your designated working hours to ensure you have time to continue doing the things you enjoy whether that would be after work or during weekends. 

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It is ever so important that you save some time for yourself whether you’re a working parent or in an environment where you’re constantly helping others. 

There are also other ways to ensure that you stay both physically and mentally fit as you ease back into normal working life.

Sleep. When busy with work, it is tempting to compromise on sleep but not enough shut-eye can have a negative impact on your health. Try to aim for 7 hours sleep if you’re over 18. It’s also important to try and wake up at the same time every day.

Drink plenty of water at work. Water helps maintain the balance of body fluids including digestion, absorption, circulation, creation of saliva, transportation of nutrients, and maintenance of body temperature. Stay hydrated as it will help you get through the day easier.

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Staying active even during work. You may not be able to run around the office or go for a sweaty job during your lunch break but there are ways to stay on your toes - even in an office. You can walk or even ride part of the way to work. Volunteering for a coffee run is another easy option as is a brisk walk or stroll. If your job restricts you from any kind of activity at work, remember to pencil in some time after work.

Get into a healthy snack habit at work. It can be a delight and equally a frustration when somebody brings in Jammie Dodgers or doughnuts into the office just when you’re trying to slim down. It’s hard but there are substitutes to deter temptation. Nuts and dried fruit are a good way to go. There’s also cereal bars, rice cakes and of course fruit and vegetables are ideal. Not exactly the same as double chocolate chip brownies but they can still hit the spot!

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Batch-cook healthy meals for work. Apart from reducing time and saving money, batch cooking your meals for work reduces waste and provides an easy way to create a healthier diet. Pasta bakes are a great way to go as they are suitable for home freezing. The same goes for casseroles, cottage pies and rice dishes such as risotto. This way sandwiches won’t have to be a boring repetitive meal. Simply go online to find thousands of healthy batch-cooking recipes.

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