Make some extra cash this Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner and that could mean a stressful time for many, particularly those with money worries.

We all know that Christmas is a joyous and festive occasion but it can also be financially straining especially if costly things such as presents, food and events are taken into account.


And this year especially will be very tough for many families across the country that are already on tight budgets due to the fallout of the pandemic.

Luckily, there are actually ways to make some extra money during Christmas and to leave your stockings full.

The options are actually plentiful and diverse depending on your own situation.


Flog some of that clutter!
This doesn’t even require you venturing out and find work. Why not rifle through some of your belongings and root out all the unnecessaries? Are there any old gaming devices lying around, do you have stacks of DVDs or CDs picking up dust or perhaps some old gifts that you never wanted? Make some extra money by registering on eBay or Music Magpie and selling them online.

Make some money out of your spare space
Do you have a garage or parking space that you could potentially rent out? Parking spaces are like gold dust in certain areas especially busy city centres. Check out YourParkingSpace!

Housesitting or petsitting
Do you know of any acquaintances heading away this Christmas? Many people many need somebody to keep a close watch on their homes or even their pets. If you’ve got the time and the flexibility, post something on a Facebook group. Certain sitting jobs will have standard requirements so it’s best to do a little digging first. Check out,, and – it could be a perfect fit for you!

Take a survey
There are loads of market research companies always on the lookout for people to take surveys and they're willing to pay them for their time. You could earn anything from £25 to £100. Easy money! Take a look at 20Cogs or Keep It Usable.


Freelance and tutoring
Do you have a specific skill or education which is in demand? Perhaps you’re a content writer, graphic designer or video editor? Why not look for some freelance work by looking into sites like or outsource your knowledge to others in the form of tutoring. Do you speak a second language, have certificates in maths or geography or play a musical instrument? Again, you could post something on a Facebook group or use a billboard at a local supermarket.

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