Recruitment drive launched to find 20-25 full-time firefighters

For the first time in a decade a recruitment drive has been launched to find new full-time firefighters for Kent.

Applicants will have around a fortnight to submit their applications for the 20-25 new roles at Kent Fire and Rescue Service when the job window opens on Monday morning.

The last time vacancies were advertised for full-time firefighting careers was in 2007. Since then the service has used on-call teams to respond to emergencies across the county.

The jobs will be open to those aged 18 and over, with the service looking for a broad range of skills and backgrounds.

Fire Crews in Kent

Kent Fire and Rescue has seen its work change dramatically over recent years, with firefighters now having to attend welfare and medical response calls, as well as moving towards more preventative projects and initiatives within Kent’s communities and schools.

Vicki Board, the Edenbridge and Westerham watch manager, has been working for KFRS for 15 years.

She said the role of the service has “completely changed” in her time there, with firefighters now attending fewer fire-related incidents.

Applicants must be prepared to attend mud rescues, road traffic collisions, chemical incidents, and a wide range of other call-outs.

Though new recruits will still need to be physically fit, Vicki added that the role now demands a more caring and supportive approach too, with the ‘stereotypical firefighter look’ seen as a thing of the past.

Once applications close after two weeks, successful recruits will take part in a variety of tests later in the year, including those for physical fitness, literacy and numeracy.

Their induction to the role of full-time firefighter will then start around September this year.

Those interested in applying can find resources and frequently asked questions at Kent Fire and Rescue’s website, plus sign up to an email alert for the job openings.

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