Staying positive when working from home

With many people remote working as social distancing measures continue to grip the UK, it is so important to maintain positive mental health. 

Driven by technology and the coronavirus pandemic, more and more workplaces will now be requiring staff to work from home and that means many people now needing to juggle commitments at home with the usual demands of work.

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It will also lead to an increasing amount of isolation and this - coupled with many people's anxieties and concerns over the current economic climate and health dangers in the world - may lead to new mental health challenges. 

According to some studies, one of the biggest problems with working from home is lack of space. Some people work from their kitchens, others use their living rooms or bedrooms, the landing and some even need to lock themselves away in a shed.

Other issues include noise and a lack of natural light. 

Having the right kind of office space is hugely important. Here’s some great tips about perfecting your own home office.

Other ways to help ease the transition include having indoor plants, comfortable furniture, good ventilation and temperature control. 

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Here are some simple tips to keep you positive and your mental wellbeing in check while you work from home:

Move closer to the window. Try and get as much natural light as possible. Remember, sunlight has Vitamin D and serotonin also known as the ‘happy hormone’.

Stay active. It is so important to ensure you get some activity in routines. Even a short walk before work or during your lunch break can make the world of difference. If you can’t leave the house, then you can improvise by mounting flights of stairs or doing step ups on a chair. 


Get a proper lunch break. An easy solution would be to wolf down some pot noodles and crisps while working but that isn’t the way to go. Stop, make something nice to eat, and eat away from your work area. If you can follow that up with a walk, then even better

Don’t mix work with pleasure. If you’re in an environment usually used for leisure, make sure you clear it away to only leave work-related material. This way, you can properly separate your work time from your leisure time. 

Have a good stretch. When sitting at your workstation for most of the day, it's important to remember to stretch your joints and muscles every now and then to prevent cramps, aches, and pain later. Yoga is a fantastic way to do this and those with some free time in their schedule. Check out these fantastic tips from certified senior Iyengar yoga teacher at Maidstone Yoga Centre, Lin Craddock.


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