There's plenty of jobs, but don’t be too fussy

There are plenty of jobs out there as long as you are not holding out for your dream career, says a job centre manager.

Overall, unemployment in Kent was down from 14,525 claimants in May to 14,040 last month, which compares favourably to this time three years ago when 25,685 were claiming.

The job centre’s Jane Durant, partnership manager for Swale, said the labour market was very buoyant.

“There’s a job for everybody but not necessarily the job or career they would like,” she added.

“The advice is get a job then get a better job and a career.

job centre

“We have lots of employers coming to us. We’ve been recruiting for a couple of fast food chains in the area, with McDonald’s having its refurb.

“There’s a contact centre at Kent Science Park at Sittingbourne that we’re recruiting for at the moment.

“We’ve got a lot of repeat business from people that come to us regularly: galvanising companies, packaging companies.”

There were other opportunities for anyone interested in driving a lorry or who wanted to work in the care industry.

“Care is the growth area,” she said.

“I have known loads of people who have done it who would never in a million years have thought about it as their career.

“It can lead to lots of different careers, including nursing and management.”

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