10 tips that will make you a great colleague

You’re more likely to spend more time with your work colleagues than with your friends, pets or even loved ones. 

So it makes perfect sense that you - and others around you - do what you can to make life in the workplace just that bit more pleasant. 

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There’s nothing worse than heading into a job shrouded in awkward silence or loud or bigoted people.

If you’re grinding out a 40-plus hour a week job then that equals 52 weeks of the year. 

In other words, that’s well over 2,000 hours annually (taking into account for odd holiday) spent in a room with the same people. 

It therefore makes perfect sense to ensure that everyone is happy at work, including yourself. 

And at the end of the day, we all want our managers and colleagues to like us, and most of us also want to succeed at work.

Here are 10 great tips to make you the ideal work colleague:
1. Don’t be messy. Leaving your desk or workspace messy and with dirty mugs or litter all over the place is disrespectful to yourself and to others.
2. Don’t be late for work. Make sure you get to work on time and even being a little early won’t harm. Arriving late for work or meetings can often irritate colleagues.
3. Giving a heads-up. The printer can often be a common source of office rows. Let others know if you’re going to start printing a lot of pages just so they’re aware.
4. Keep it down. Shouting or being loud on the phone in an office can really annoy people and even distract them from their work. 
5. Respect other people’s space. Make sure your stuff doesn’t spill or end up onto the desk of a fellow worker. The same applies to taking things from a colleague's desk without their permission. Even something like a chair for an office visitor can be disrespectful without asking them first.

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6. Don’t be a social recluse. A good colleague is not necessarily one that knuckles down for work and never speaks to anybody. You can be a hard worker and still be approachable to coworkers. It’s so important to smile and make the occasional small talk.  
7. Don’t constantly moan. Having a positive outlook on life can really rub off on people around you. Even when things look down or you’re annoyed, try to be as cheery as possible.
8. Be helpful. Helping out fellow co-workers is a brilliant way to build a good working relationship. It also shows that you’re a good, caring person and that always goes down well in the workplace. 
9. Don’t be grumpy when you arrive for work. There’s nothing worse than seeing a boss or colleague arrive for work with a long look on his or her face. Try to put on a happy face even if you’re having a bad morning. 
10. Respect the office air space. Don’t bring in food that most will perceive as smelly. If you’ve brought in left-over curry from the night before, then make sure you head somewhere where there are no people around that can smell it. 

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