Working from home: Is this the new norm?

Covid-19 has brought about changes like no other throughout the world. 

One of those changes is the new mindsets and behaviours of companies when it comes to employees working from home.

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Even after the pandemic is over, we are likely to see more people continuing to work from home and experts predict that the transition may stick for the long-term across an array of industries. 

Since lockdown, surveys are showing that a lot of employees are in favour of continuing to work from home.

Some argue that they would welcome avoiding long commutes - and the expenses that go with commuting - while others say that they can spend more time with their families and partners.

Company costs also play a huge factor.

There are significant financial advantages for organisations that no longer needing so much office space.
This in turn has led to a number of companies announcing plans to offer this working arrangement on a permanent basis.
One such company is Facebook with owner Mark Zuckerberg recently suggesting that as many as half of his Facebook workforce could be working remotely within the next five to 10 years. 

He argues that such a move would not only facilitate the company’s employees but also create "more broad-based economic prosperity."

Here are some useful tips when it comes to working from home:

1) Look the part: Never start work in your pyjamas because it will most likely make you too lethargic and relaxed. Also, it may not reflect too well on you if you suddenly have to go on a video call and you’re in your favourite Peppa Pig slacks.
2) Make sure you take breaks: Remember, working from home is still working so don’t neglect to take a break. Even something as simple as making a cup of tea or watering the plants is very important for your well-being. Remember to stay away from the fridge though and the TV. Just try and stick to your normal work routine. 
3) Bring your work office to your home office: Try and replicate your office and office habits at home. This is a great way to put you in your office mindset. 
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4) Make sure you’ve got a work schedule: You may not be in the office but that doesn’t mean that your work time doesn’t need proper structure. The right work routine is what proper productivity is all about. 
5) Keep the noise levels down: Having headphones that can shut out external noise is a great way to go especially when you need to be on a conference call and the kids are playing up again. 

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