Project Manager – Heritage Volunteer Programme

Job Description

Project Manager – Heritage Volunteer Programme

Salary: £16,800: (£28,000FTE)
Location: Margate Caves, 1 Northdown Road, Margate, Kent CT9 1FG
Reporting to: The Centre Manager, Margate Caves
Accountable to: The Project Steering Group
Working hours: 3 days a week worked flexibly with occasional week-end working, when
required, to meet the needs of the job.
Contract Duration: 2 years.

Following an eight-year campaign, The Margate Caves Community Education Trust
(TMCCET) charity secured £1.1m Heritage Lottery and £420,000 Big Lottery funding to
create a landmark building that includes community facilities including a café, shop,
community rooms and garden area alongside a visitor centre that provides access to the
restored Caves. The Margate Caves Centre opened in August 2019.

Along with many other heritage attractions, our organisation relies heavily on volunteers for
support. Volunteers constitute a major component within our workforce in a variety of
In a wider context, without volunteers a significant number of heritage attractions would
not be viable. In addition, experience has shown that often volunteers can and do move into
paid employment in the sector.
Since opening, in common with many similar attractions, Margate Caves has suffered
periods of closure and restricted opening due to the Covid-19 pandemic. We have found
that the pandemic has impacted negatively on the volunteer sector in a number of ways.
With potentially viable organisations facing shortages of staff and/or volunteers the
emphasis now needs to be about recovery and rebuilding both the volunteer and paid
workforce sustainably for the future.
Role Profile
Funded by The National Lottery Heritage Fund (NLHF), you will work with key stakeholders
to deliver a volunteer programme, over the next two years. The objective is to set up a
volunteer service for heritage sites in Thanet, aiming to attract a greater diversity of well
trained and supported volunteers.
You will work with four heritage organisations, TMCCET and the local community to rebuild
and expand the volunteer workforce and improve the diversity of the volunteer base and
skills in this important sector, while creating employment opportunities to strengthen the
paid workforce.
To set the foundations for how we, in this sector, can work together more effectively once
the project has ended.
The project will deal with the recruitment, training and support of volunteers and their
Priorities and responsibilities
This role encompasses volunteer management, project development, marketing,
monitoring, evaluation, and community engagement skills; with opportunities for
innovation and creativity. Key duties will include:

• Working with key stakeholders: Thanet District Council’s Tourism Service, East Kent
College and the Heritage Organisations participating in the project to deliver the
project aims;
• Working with Heritage Organisations taking part in the project to understand their
volunteer needs and developing a programme of recruitment and training that suits
those needs and the project’s diversity aims;
• Working with East Kent College to develop a full training programme encompassing
the sector’s and volunteers’ needs;
• To facilitate and co-ordinate volunteer access to training;
• To work with East Kent College and the Margate Caves Evaluator to evaluate the
effectiveness of the training programme;
• Working with Thanet Tourism Service and other stakeholders to develop a marketing
programme for the project, to include social media;
• Working with community organisations located in the most deprived wards of
Thanet to ensure that “hard to reach” volunteers can engage in the programme;
• Matching people to volunteering roles that suit their experience and future career
• Developing, with the support of key stakeholders, a comprehensive toolkit for
volunteer management specific to the sector;
• Overseeing the effective delivery of the Project Activity Plan - maximising
engagement through participation in local community forums and networks;
• Acting as the main point of contact for stakeholders for this project;
• Leading the project, adhering to the funding and output requirements of funding
bodies and stakeholders;
• To act as supporter and mentor to organisations participating in the project;
• To develop volunteer mentors to support new volunteers;
• Managing all full and part-time staff and volunteers and overseeing key strands of
the project in line with NLHF funding;
• By the end of the project, to have set up a network of heritage organisations that can
continue the work once the project is ended;
• Providing information for project evaluation as required by the Project Evaluator;
• Promoting equality and diversity in all aspects of your work by developing and
maintaining positive working relationships, ensuring that colleagues, stakeholders
and volunteers are treated fairly and with respect and dignity;
• Undertaking any other appropriate duties as required.

Essential knowledge, skills and experience
• Proven track record in volunteer management, recruitment, training and retention;
• Experience of project management;
• Experience of working in a community development role;
• Genuine enthusiasm for working with “hard to reach” groups;
• Genuine interest in people, personable and able to engage with and relate to
different types of people;
• Good understanding of TMCCET and the heritage tourism sector;
• A good understanding of the area i.e. The Isle of Thanet;
• A proven self-motivator, able to work with varying pressures without immediate
assistance from a manager;
• Experience of assessing and managing risk;
• Good IT skills;
• Strong verbal and written communication skills.
Desirable knowledge, skills and experience
• Experience of working in a charity environment;
• Experience of working in a heritage tourism organisation;
• Experience of working with young people;
• Skilled with the use of social media;
• An accredited qualification in volunteer management and/or community
• A driving licence and use of own car

Please email with your CV and a covering letter explaining why
you think you are right for the post

Deadline for applications is Monday 15th August 2022.