Our Vision is to be the UK's leading regional multimedia business, one that is more engaged with its customers and audience than anyone else, ensuring we serve their needs through the best possible multimedia products.

Those multimedia products will continue to expand, large elements of the communities we serve will still read newspapers, they will still listen to the radio, at work they will log into Kent Online to see what is happening. However they increasingly will want to keep up with what's going on from their mobile phone and via social media and want more broadcast content as well as the written word. This will continually challenge what we do and the way we do it. We are starting to really embrace the change with everyone learning new multimedia skills and getting more involved in new media.

We can say what specific skills people need now to serve these communities and media but we cannot say what skills people will need in the future so it is important to me we all look to develop our skills which will allow people in the business and therefore the business to adapt in the future.

Within the business we look for people who take take real ownership of what they do and are committed to delivering the best they can in their role. Key to this is showing initiative and challenging what we do, identifying solutions to problems and taking responsibility for continuing your own development. If we are energetic, positive and passionate about what we do, if we put our customers and audience at the heart of what we do and contribute fully to our teams to achieve our goals we will succeed and ensure the KM Group continues to serve its' communities for the next 150 years as it has successfully done over the last 150 years.

We have a very exciting future in a rapidly changing world, but we are very positive about the challenges it brings and working together to make the KM Media Group the UK's leading multimedia regional business.