Jarvis Homes


Luxury homes, traditionally built since 1649

The Jarvis Family

The Jarvis family have unrivalled experience in individually crafted house construction. Indeed, the family can trace its building heritage back to at least 1649 through direct descendants making it one of the oldest known house-building families in the country. The current generation prides itself on developing exemplary homes that continue the family heritage.

Exceptional Craftmanship

Jarvis Homes create prestigious and solid homes with the highest quality craftsmanship using traditional methods. Customers are provided with a combination of excellent design, outstanding value and the peace of mind that their home is of an exceptionally high standard.

The Difference

Our homes are constructed using only the finest materials, and whilst respecting the past, Jarvis Homes also carry out on-going research with environmental consultants to ensure we are at the forefront of sustainable construction. We ensure that our houses are installed with the latest designs for energy efficiency without compromise on comfort and design.